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Rotimi Flexes His Singing Talent at Return of Nema’s Boom Boom Room

NYC, the big city of dreams. Talented creatives from all over the country come to NYC to “make it”. Especially in the music business with major record labels like Sony and Universal among others making their home in the Big Apple. There are plenty of venues in NYC to check out major and emerging acts. On any given night you can check out Beyonce at a sold out Barclays Center or watch Breedlove perform on top of a bar on a late night at the Lower East Side’s Jeromes. There are no shortage of parties and events to attend in the big city but we pose one question. Where does one go to check out top emerging R&B talent in an upscale, vibrant and sexy atmosphere? NY hasn’t really had a viable answer. Enter the return of celebrity event planner and nightlife guru Nema Kamar’s music showcase, Nema’s Boom Boom Room.


On Monday night WheretoPartyNYC was on hand for the return of NYC’s #1 showcase (ask Karen Civil) where Rotimi proved that he’ll be just as much of a force on the music scene as his character is on the hit TV show Power. What we witnessed was an event that brought influential, beautiful people together in the name of music and gave emerging artists a chance to perform and gain exposure in front of a crowd that knows a star when it sees one (We’re sure of this cause TMZ was outside the venue taking photos).

Speaking of TMZ, part of what makes Boom Boom Room such a great event is that Nema Kamar know’s how to make a room. Every great event is made successful by the people in the room. Any event planner will tell you, it’s an art form. An art form of which Nema has great talents. As soon as we walked into Drom where the event took place, first thing we noticed was the upscale, beautiful and sexy crowd (Never know at an R&B event, might get all in our feelings and need someone good looking to talk to). There were also notable names in the crowd such as Lil Mama who was looking fabulous, Marc John Jefferies (Power), singer Bridget Kelly & many other familiar faces. The event was hosted by the beautiful Anzo Anwar (Blood Sweat & Heels), Rae Holliday (StuffFlyPeopleLike) and Julito Mccullum (The Wire).


Opening the show was Nema Kamar who got on stage and proudly announced that Nema’s Boom Boom Room is back after a 6-month hiatus and guests could expect a monthly event that will be better than ever. If the first showcase was any indication, she wasn’t lying. The three opening acts were all amazing with hosts Anzo Anwar and Rae Holliday doing a great job of getting the crowd involved, getting some laughs and introducing the performers.


The first performer was Damien Blake who serenaded the crowd and set the tone for the night. Next up was Sah Lence who turned the levels up a notch and got the crowd excited with her strong vocals.  It should also be noted that the band was amazing and did a great job in support of the artists. The last opener to hit the stage was Ali Caldwell who showed amazing range and that she could hit them high notes and get on a deep soulful tip all the same. Her amazing voice had the crowd really into it and was the perfect setup for the headliner, but not before some minor technical difficulties.

There were some minor issues with the sound for Rotimi’s introduction video but this gave the hosts a chance to interact with the crowd, build more anticipation for the headliner and do some important product advertising. During the break in performances, Nema took the time to reveal that she now has a line of sex toys available and that she was giving some out to the ladies in attendance. Hey, bullets make for great party favors! OK, now back to the show recap.

With technical issues quickly resolved it was time for the headliner to shine. The Rotimi intro video played on a big screen above the stage and was a great way to highlight all the amazing work the multi-talented artist has already put into the world and had the room hyped for his entrance. After a loud applause Rotimi hit the stage and it was immediately evident that the artist has amazing charisma and loves the big stage. With a huge smile on his face, Rotimi introduced himself to the crowd and high-fived fans standing near. After performing some original material Rotimi got into a little D’ Angelo and had the ladies in attendance hollering for the good looking artist to take his shirt off.  One of the highlights was his performance of an original song he wrote called “Fire” which he says was based on a true story. The song had a catchy hook, nice instrumentals and dope lyrics which he performed with a lot of energy. We overheard guests in the crowd commenting on how the song sounds like a hit and we definitely agree. Rotimi closed his amazing performance with his hit song featuring 50 CentLotto”.

Everyone in attendance were all smiles after the performance clearly having enjoyed their time at Nema’s Boom Boom Room. On the way out everyone wanted to take photos with the emerging star and Rotimi was happy to oblige. It’s safe to say that Rotimi has all the tools it takes to be a star and is well on his way. Put this guy on your watch list and DEFINITELY put Nema’s Boom Boom Room on your party calendar. NYC, we finally have a party where we can get sexy, listen to some amazing young talent and network with influential individuals. Be on the lookout for the next announcement. This event is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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