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The Boom Boom Room Shines At #VSYacht [Recap]

The month of August started out with a perfect night, and if you weren’t on the #VSYacht then you missed one of the best parties of the summer.

Docking out of Pier 40, it was three floors of non-stop music, beautiful women and taste-makers to make it the perfect party for anyone who was born in 1985 and above.

What all began as a bit of a cluster-fuck ended up one of the greatest nights of the summer. Docking began at 8:30pm as the line stretched almost the length of the parking deck. The amount of people also resulted in an extreme amount of disorganization as those who didn’t buy their ticket were able to get on the boat 45 minutes before anybody who bought their ticket or were on the guest list. Even security stopped caring at one point allowing the lines to get blurred and people to cut lines with much confusion.

Photo: @BadQuis

The wait to get on the boat was all worth it in the end. As soon as you walked in, you knew it was going to be a good night. We started off on the first floor, which saw Lowkey hype up the crowd that was arriving with an array of songs that ranged from Future, to Jay Z, to everyone’s favorite 90’s TV show theme song “All That.”

There were three floors of different kinds of music in what was a battle of artists and music ranging from trap, R&B, reggae, and 90’s.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 2.08.39 PM

Talib Kweli and Tony Touch ALSO gave fans something to nod your head to as he turned up the 90’s and 2000’s hip hop tunes on the main level for some great New York vibes. Rap Radar’s B Dot, Power 105’s Angela Yee, 40 Oz Van, Taxstone among others were influential tastemakers who roamed the crowd and helped out with hosting duties throughout the night.

Photo: @reggieosse

Eventually we made our way to the top floor where Complex’s Jinx was to take over the duties after Shon Not Sean. With such great weather, the top level was MADE to be perfection. Instead some technical difficulties allowed it to clear up a bit unless you wanted to enjoy the scenery. Don’t get it twisted though, this floor had it’s moments of being LIT.

If you were wondering who won the Meek Mill vs Drake battle everytime Drizzy played on that top floor all the mistakes were washed away. While the first two rooms mentioned had the party lit, the “Boom Boom Room” set that boat on fire! It was the most packed room on the boat and for good reason. Cory Townes did a perfect job hyping up the crowd as Meka from 2 Dope Boyz had the room singing, rapping, dancing, and going out the door for a quick makeout session.

We spent most of our time in this room where he masterfully mixed in classic samples, 90’s hip hop and R&B with some of today’s hits from the 2000’s. It was a millennials dream party, and the perfect spot to enjoy your date.

At one point, a DJ’s worst nightmare occurred when the speakers seemed to overheat as the party began to turn up. What could’ve been a complete fail, turned to an even greater thing when the sound finally came back on and they weren’t shy in telling everyone that they were rocking out on ONLY one speaker. It seems like EVERYbody came back. As a matter of fact people left other floors to come back to that party as the word spread on how lit it was.

With three floors of ALL kinds of music, you only wished they had this party once every month during the summer. It’s rare to find a party this lit with a bunch of DJ’s and hosts that aren’t on radio stations, commercials, or traveling the world.

If you weren’t at the #VSParty Saturday night make sure to send your friends some pictures bragging on how they missed out on a great night! We did!

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