90’s VS Naughts Yacht Party Ticket Giveaway

On August 1st the Luxury Infinity Yacht will be lit like never before. The VS Presents the 90’s VS Naughts Yacht Party! If you haven’t heard of it already, The VS is a party that is about giving people the music they love in the way that they love it. Pitting different genres, like “90’s hip-hop vs. 90’s dancehall”, and artists’ catalogs, like “Neptunes vs. Timbaland“, against each other to see who excites the crowd the most, DJs aim to settle age-old music debates, and hours of arguments about who was the greatest or which era had the best producers, right there on the dance floor. But more importantly, they aim to make people dance and enjoy themselves and that’s where The VS parties have been overwhelmingly successful.

This year party producers ClarenceJah CFruster and JudnickJudnikkiMayard are taking the vibes to sea. This is not a party boat you want to miss. A look at the lineup and hosts alone is all you need to see to know this party will be rocking. On the decks there will be acts like the legendary Tony Touch, Talib Kweli, Jubilee, Meka, Ernest Baker and more. On top of that you know the crowd will be hype with hosts like 40 oz Van, Desus Nice, Low Key, Kid Mero, Angela Yee, Ravie B, Combat Jack and more.

We’re predicting this will be THE boat party of the year and we don’t want our readers to miss out. So we’re giving out a pair of tickets to coincide with our launch party. Here’s how we’re gonna do it. The VS party will be turnt and we want to make sure we send someone who’s gonna be the life of the party. We’ll give a pair of tickets to the lady who shows up to our launch party tonight at 205 and posts the most LIT Instagram photo with hashtag #WheretoPartyNYC.

If you don’t win the pair of tickets don’t worry. You can purchase tickets here. You can also RSVP for discounted tickets here as well.


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    Lisa Jo says

    The 9o’s was a great time of hip hop because it made some classics and legends of those who did the raps.

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