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WheretoPartyNYC Sits Down with the Slut Whisperer

Kirill, or the Slut Whisperer as he’s known on social media, has become an internet and now television sensation. The star of nightlife reality show “3AM” on Showtime and creator of, has achieved global popularity by taking flicks of some of the most wild and sexy party girls across the nation getting champagne showered and pushing the limits of just how crazy one could get inside a club. Kirill’s website and social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram receive millions of hits where men (and women) can live their wildest party fantasies vicariously through Kirill. We had a chance to sit down with Kirill and get a look inside the mind of a Slut Whisperer.

WTP: Tell us about the origin of the Slut Whisperer.

Kirill: There were two stages of my career. There was Kirillwashere and then Slut Whisperer kind of grew out of that. Kirillwashere started out from me just being a dumb kid running around parties taking photos and then the stuff just started getting raunchier and raw. The more popular you become the more you can kind of get crazier because people let you get away with more shit. At parties it just became wilder around me, girls started getting more comfortable around me, more naked and it just became like a shit show. Then out of that someone on twitter gave me the idea for Slut Whisperer. I was trying to come up with new Instagram names because I been deleted so many times. Someone was like, Slut Whisperer and I was like oh shit that’s amazing! That name kind of stuck and it was kind of like the perfect name for what my career was slowly becoming. Oh, that’s the guy that hangs out with all the fun slutty girls.

WTP: Part of what you’re known for are champagne facials and pouring champagne all over girls’ boobs, ass, etc. You always have to have that first trial run. It’s like watching someone walk a tightrope across skyscrapers. Like how the fuck did you have the balls to even try that the first time?

Kirill: At first the site was very clean. It was just people partying and having a good time. Nothing dirty, nothing too raunchy, it was just like silly and fun people. Then it all went down one night at RDV back in the day, we used to do a party with Kiss and MOS. They DJ’d and I hosted a table and shot photos. That’s where the champagne stuff started because they were kind of like do whatever you want and we started growing outside the boundaries that clubs usually give you. At one of the parties one of the girls showed me her tits and I took the photo. We sat there for like two days, me and my friends. I was like I gotta post this and they were like I don’t think you should, that’s taking your site into a completely different direction. I was like look, my job is to document what happens at a party, that shit happened! Like good or bad that shit happened. Look if someone whipped their dick out at a party and I have a photo I’ll probably post it because it’s raw. I want to show that NY gets raw or that every party I go to gets weird. So I was like I can’t censor myself, if it happens it happens. It’s like a war photographer, if you see some shit you’re still gonna publish it.

WTP: Was your site as popping before all the titties and champagne facials?

Kirill: I mean look the sites grown just like any brand, it keeps getting bigger and bigger but it was pretty popular at the time. Before it got to tits I was pretty well known in NY. I didn’t really travel a lot so I was doing a lot of NY gigs which was dope and fun, it’s how I built my name. Then the champagne stuff really brought me outside of NY cause people were like I want to party with that guy. I basically took the job away from other party photographers in other cities because I was doing what they were doing but I was taking it to the next level. That’s when clubs were like we have a need for Kirill. Before that they had no need for me, they would have their own guy do it.

WTP: Were there other guys pouring champagne on girls tits at the time?

Kirill: No there wasn’t. There were guys after, oh yeah. There were a lot of copy cats.

WTP: Let’s talk about photography. You do more than just shoot tits right? I see you all the time taking photos of Nas. What’s that connection all about?

Kirill: It’s really weird. I do a fair amount of corporate stuff or shit that’s not club stuff. I used to do SXSW with Nike and VEVO.  One of the nights they had Nas and I was like yo dope, I get to shoot Nas. I wanted to get a photo of Nas just in the hallway, real quick before he goes on stage. I talked to his manager, I was like please just 2 seconds. I setup everything how I wanted the photo to go in my head, Nas comes through, poses and I take the photo. I shoot the party, shoot the concert, put up the photos. I put up the photo of the backstage shot. 24 hours later Def Jam calls and is like delete that photo right now we’re buying it. They’re like we want to own the rights, his album is coming out already and all the artworks done but everywhere afterward they used that photo on iTunes, on posters, they used it everywhere. It was a long time before Nas and I ever met up afterward because we weren’t in the same circles. After that I was doing a lot of events with Hennessy, I’ve been with them for 5 years doing all their parties and events. They had just signed Nas as a brand ambassador. So now I was seeing Nas like twice a month. The first time I saw him they were like this is the kid that shot your photo that we bought. He was like yo my man that was the photo! He was in love with it. After that he trusted me to get the photos. Hip Hop and a lot of artists don’t trust a lot of photographers cause they don’t know if they’re being exploited or whatever. From then on him and his team were like we trust you, just do what you do and send us the photos when you’re done. They gave me all access. To this day every time I see Nas he’s the nicest fucking guy ever to me. That to me was like one of the milestones to my career.

WTP: So with the photos on Instagram, why do you keep getting taken down? Who’s hating?

Kirill: I think it’s because I’m an asshole. That’s like the character, just to be a dick, kind of like the guys guy. Say some dumb shit just because it stirs the pot. And you know, the people who don’t understand the humor are the ones who get offended and are like this is misogynistic. People get offended by everything. I posted a picture of a steak one time and it turned into a 200 comment race war on my Instagram. Someone was like that steak is for poor people then someone is like why are you offending poor people and then they start fighting with each other and I’m like guys, it’s a photo of a filet mignon. There’s nothing deep about this. It’s just that people on the internet like to fight.

WTP: You post some wild shit on Twitter. How do you get people to say they had sex with their own mother just for a Retweet from you?

Kirill: Dude it’s weird. It’s become sort of like a cult following. I wanna take people out of their comfort zones and I want to see how far they would go. I’ll be like if you tweet “I’ll fuck my mom” just so you could party with Kirill I’ll follow you and people are like oh shit I want Kirill to follow me on Twitter so they’ll tweet that. Then I’ll Retweet their tweet and I’ll follow them. It’s funny watching other people react like he’s disgusting, I can’t believe he would do that just to party with him. It’s basically just for me to sit at home and laugh in my bed that people are willing to do dumb shit. It’s literally for my own personal entertainment.

WTP: You’re on a show on Showtime called “3AM”. Are you happy with the way it turned out?

Kirill: Look it was my first TV experience so I think it was great. Yeah there’s a lot of shit I probably would of done differently in the way I think the show was presented to people, but it took us like 2 years to do it. So it doesn’t even feel like me. Some of that shit is like stuff that has gotten wilder, stuff has gotten crazier. It feels like I’m looking back at something I did 2 years ago. People run up to me and be like dude I can’t believe you did that, I’m like dude I did that 2 years ago. It was good though, it was great for my career. A lot more people fuck with me. Instant brand recognition.

WTP: You almost made me cry in the first episode when you were looking at the photo of your girl on your laptop like you missed her.

Kirill: Dude that was so fake. If people actually knew the relationship me and my girl have they would find that hilarious. Like she puts up with so much shit, literally she’s like one of the guys, cause she has to be. She hangs with all my guy friends. We rag on her all day.

WTP: How did you get her to be ok with all that?

Kirill: You gotta get a girl who’s into it. All my other girls I cheated on, we broke up, there was a bunch of bullshit that went down because they came in before Kirillwashere. Lauren came in at the height of it all so she knew what she was signing up for, you know what I mean? It’s like you’re gonna date a piece of shit. She knows. It’s like asking a porn star how do you have a boyfriend.

WTP: She never gets jealous?

Kirill: She doesn’t come to a lot of my parties. She’s blocked on my social media. It’s like dude it’s a job, I don’t give a fuck what you do at your job, you can’t give a fuck about what happens at mine. If I have to snort molly off a girls butthole, like she might not wanna admit that it happens, but it’s part of the job.

WTP: You’ve poured champagne all over hot girls across the world. Give me one celebrity you would love to shoot getting champagne facials.

Kirill: I would have to be greedy about drawing in the celebrity that would draw me the most attention. It’s not the one I would probably wanna do personally. Obviously if I did Kim Kardashian my site would crash, I would be the biggest fucking guy on the internet. Jennifer Aniston, for her age is super hot, I would definitely love to champagne her. Betty White would crush it.

WTP: I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican, I see you in these clubs and you got some nice white girls. I have a WheretoPartyNYC proposal for you. Let me know if you’re down. I wanna take you to the hood. Let’s do Kirillwashere at the most hood latin spots, like Uptown or Queens, and see if you could get some hood Spanish chicks to let you pour champagne all over their tits.

Kirill: Dude I would love to do it. Let’s do it. First of all the hood loves me cause basically my site and what I do is like a hood music video. I used to shoot Greenhouse but it wasn’t at the height of the champagne stuff. The problem is black girls don’t want anything in their hair. That’s like a fact. I’ve had black girls be like I love you Kirill but this fucking weave is not gonna get wet tonight. But I would love to. Can you imagine how hot milk going down her ass would look? I would love to do it. I would love to pop my Dominican cherry.

WTP: You ever get a dude pissed off and try to fight you for pouring champagne on his girl?

Kirill: I got knocked out once. I was black out drunk. I was leaving the club and this guy jumped me. He jumped out of the bushes and clocked me. This was in Hoboken obviously, good ‘ol Jersey boys. So I was in the club giving this girl a facial and she’s loving it. This guy comes over and is like yo this is my sister, delete those photos and I’m like I’m not deleting these photos, she wanted them. He’s like I’m not afraid to go to jail. I’m like alright relax. Security throws him out of the club. Like two hours later me and my crew are leaving, we’re black out drunk. There were these bushes outside by the W hotel, he jumps out, drops me and runs. My lip was bleeding but I didn’t feel any pain I was so drunk. I sent a photo to my mom and she’s like you’re going to the hospital tomorrow. My moms friend is a plastic surgeon and she’s like you need to fix that. Doctor had to sow my lip up right cause he was like if it doesn’t sow and heal right, your whole face changes to people. It’s like Sylvester Stallone shit. I ended up paying like 5 grand. So I posted the photos and my mom told me to take them down. She was like you never know, if he was willing to punch you in the face, don’t call his sister out even more. I was like alright, I don’t wanna deal with anymore bullshit. Only problem was nobody had any footage. I would of loved to have that footage. I have no problem being knocked out, it is what it is. But other than that guys are giving their girlfriends up, everybody loves it. I’ve had a lot of guys sacrifice their girlfriends.

WTP: You ever have some weird old dude or someone you didn’t think was a fan approach you?

Kirill: I was on a plane with my boy. We were sitting in front of this couple, they were probably in their 50’s or some shit and he just leans over with an Irish accent and is like “just wanna say I’ma huge fan”. It’s weird, they come out of nowhere. Dude I was at a wake, the catering lady, some fat little Italian lady, is like oh my god the Slut Whisperer, I can’t believe it! Instagram really opens you up to the whole world.

WTP: Lets talk about NYC. What’s your favorite club to party at in NYC?

Kirill: Favorite in NY right now is Riff Raff’s. It’s a wild room and there’s no rules, it’s a fun place to go. So much of the clubs in NY are kind of stiff. They’re like Kirill don’t get too crazy here. Riff Raff’s is the spot.

WTP: What’s your take on the current state of NY nightlife?

Kirill:; Without sounding like an old man, it’s like I don’t wanna say it’s not like it used to be, but it isn’t. I don’t really know where to go out anymore. Every season there would be like 5 new clubs open up and everyone would have somewhere fresh and new to go. Even if it’s not that good of a party we just felt like we were somewhere new. Now there’s like nothing new going on in NY. We’re just stuck going to the same clubs, with the same people and they just look tired. And the girls are like 15, 16, I don’t want to hang out with them. NY’s kind of plateau’d right now. Hopefully after the fall there will be some new shit opening up. In the last 2 or 3 years more clubs have been closed than opened.

WTP: So how about outside NYC. What’s your favorite spot?

Kirill: OK. So I partied in Atlanta. This place I did not think would be that crazy. It was the wildest night of my life. This place called Tongue and Groove. There was the hottest Georgia girls. It got ratchet. I threw up twice at the bar, that’s how drunk I got and it was just one of the best nights of my life. Most people think it’ll be huge markets like Miami, Vegas, LA, but the last and most impressionable spot I been to has been Tongue and Groove in Atlanta.

WTP: Who are some of your favorite DJ’s?

Kirill: I’m into the EDM scene cause I have to. It’s the biggest thing on the market but I’ma fan of like open format guys. I wanna listen to Hip Hop, House, Rock all in one night.

WTP: I see you pictured with Tiesto a lot.

Kirill: Tiesto is one of the best guys to party with. He can out drink anyone. It’s insane. My first night on tour with him I woke up on the bus not even knowing how I got there and he’s like shaking me awake. If I go to EDM stuff I pick the people that I have fun partying with cause I’m not a huge fan. I also love Ruckus, A-Trak, Z-Trip, Craze, people like that. Turntablists that flex their skill in the club.

WTP: If you weren’t the Slut Whisperer what would Kirill be doing right now?

Kirill: Dude my whole life I wanted to be a Disney animator. I went to art college. I could paint, draw, everything. I wanted to be a Disney animator my whole life. I think in high school I got voted most likely to be the kid who draws all the hidden boners in Disney flicks. If I didn’t have this I would be the guy people would be like, oh my God is that a hidden boner? People would be like, yeah Kirill drew that.

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