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  • Rotimi Nema's Boom Boom Room

    Rotimi Flexes His Singing Talent at Return of Nema’s Boom Boom Room

    NYC, the big city of dreams. Talented creatives from all over the country come to NYC to “make it”. Especially in the music business with major record labels like Sony and Universal among others making their home in the Big Apple. There are plenty of venues in NYC to check...

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  • Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 8.13.13 PM

    The Boom Boom Room Shines At #VSYacht [Recap]

    The month of August started out with a perfect night, and if you weren’t on the #VSYacht then you missed one of the best parties of the summer. Docking out of Pier 40, it was three floors of non-stop music, beautiful women and taste-makers to make it the perfect party...

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    DJ CFLO “FwME” Guest Mix & Interview

    We are proud to have DJ CFLO bless us with the 1st ever WheretoPartyNYC guest mix! DJ CFLO has been crushing the DJ game all around NYC the past few years. Gaining a following and becoming known for playing a wide variety of bangers that keeps the party on their...

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    90’s VS Naughts Yacht Party Ticket Giveaway

    On August 1st the Luxury Infinity Yacht will be lit like never before. The VS Presents the 90’s VS Naughts Yacht Party! If you haven’t heard of it already, The VS is a party that is about giving people the music they love in the way that they love it. Pitting...

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  • Photo courtesy of

    WheretoPartyNYC Sits Down with the Slut Whisperer

    Kirill, or the Slut Whisperer as he’s known on social media, has become an internet and now television sensation. The star of nightlife reality show “3AM” on Showtime and creator of, has achieved global popularity by taking flicks of some of the most wild and sexy party girls across...

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  • NYNightlife Logo

    Exclusive Interview with @NYNightlife

    For years @NYNightlife has been THE go to twitter account for any and all nightlife news in NYC. Somehow able to stay anonymous throughout the years, NYNightlife still posts when there’s something interesting or newsworthy going on in the scene. There’s good reason the account has over 56 thousand followers, whoever...

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